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2019 Symposium

FRIDAY, November 1

Morning - MSU Union Lake Huron Room

Session I - Medicinal applications

Chair: Emily Lanier

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David DeWitt
Sr. Associate Dean

Welcome Remarks
9:05 Jason Slot
The Ohio State University
Leveraging fungal evolution for discovery of neuroactive compound metabolic pathways
9:40 Vincenzo DeLuca
Brock University
Elucidation of natural product biosynthesis in plants
10:15 Coffee Break (Lake Erie Room)

Session II -  Plant nutrition

 Chair: Jeremy Pardo

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10:45 Mary Ann Lila
North Carolina State University
If food is our medicine, then why aren't we all healthy?
11:20 Hideki Takahashi
Michigan State University
Nitrogen-responsive small signaling peptides modulate root system architecture
11:45 Mary Lou Guerinot
Micronutrient Dynamics: From the Soil to the Seed
12:20 Lunch (Lake Erie Room)
Afternoon - MSU Union Lake Huron Room

Session III -  Sustainability

Chair: Emily Jennings

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How to study nutrient exchange between plants and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
1:35 James Kremer
Microbiome Technology - Discovery and Development of Microbial Products and Crop Protection Traits
2:10 Jeremy Pardo (STUDENT, INTERNSHIP)
Internship: Inari Agriculture
2:25 Clay Carter
University of Minnesota
Nectar chemistry at the nexus of plant-biotic interactions
3:00 Coffee Break (Lake Erie Room)

Session IV - Plants and Security

Chair: Leah Johnson

Start Speaker Topic
3:30 June Medford
Colorado State University
Using Synthetic Biology to Produce New Plant Traits
4:05 Genevieve Hoopes (STUDENT, INTERNSHIP)
Internship: Simplot 
4:20 Adam Seroka (STUDENT, RESEARCH)
Turning up the heat on plant immunity in Arabidopsis
4:35 Blake Bextine
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)
Leveraging Biology for National Security
5:10 Alan McClain (STUDENT)
Michigan State University
Closing Remarks
5:30-6:50 Poster Sessions I & II, Lake Erie Room, MSU Union
6:50 Dinner, Ballroom, MSU Union


SATURDAY, November 2

1200 Molecular Plant Sciences

Careers in Biotechnology-Related Fields

Chair: Genevieve Hoopes

Start Speaker  
9:00 Genevieve Hoopes Welcome Remarks
9:05 Rob Horsch
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
There and back again: being with the question
9:40 Panel I 
Chair: Levi Bauer
James Kremer
Cait Thireault  
Christy Gault
10:15 Kerry Rouhier
Kenyon College
Academic careers at primarily undergraduate institutions
10:50 Coffee break (MPS 1200)
11:05 Panel II
Chair: Shawna Rowe

June Medford
Rob Horsch
Vincenzo DeLuca

11:40 Christy Gault
Inari Agriculture
Reflections on my move from academia to a startup

Rob Last
Michigan State University

Closing Remarks

Application process for first year students interested in the program
May through July of each year

Annual Plant Biotechnology for Health and Sustainability Symposium
Dates to be determined October or November each year

Meetings of students with Executive Committee Members
Semiannually Fall and Spring Semester