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2020 Virtual Symposium

Due to COVID19, the annual 2020 PBHS virtual symposium (on Fri, Oct 23) will be a program member-only event. We apologize for not making this a public event given the restrictions for in-person events on campus. We appreciate the speakers' willingness to share the talks with the broader MSU community after the event. Please see the links below.

Theme: Quantitative approaches to genomics and plant breeding
9:00-9:35 AM
(10 min Q & A)
Daniel Chitwood
Dept of Horticulture & CMSE,
Michigan State University
Topological Data Analysis for Quantifying Plant Morphology
9:45-10:20 AM
(10 min Q & A)
David Lowry
Dept of Plant Biology,
Michigan State University
The Genetics and Physiology of Plant Resilience  
10:30-11:05 AM
(10 min Q & A)
Candice Hirsch
Dept of Agronomy & Plant Genetics, University of Minnesota
Application of the Maize Pangenome to 
Maize Breeding and Genetics
11:15-11:50 AM (approx.) Student lightning talks
Theme: Metabolic modeling and metabolomics

1:00-1:40 PM
(10 min Q & A)

Ron Milo
Dept of Plant & Environmental Sciences,
Weizmann Institute of Science
Conversion of E. coli to generate all biomass carbon from CO2
1:50-2:25 PM 
(10 min Q & A)
Ana Alonso 
Dept of Biological Sciences,
University of North Texas

A Multi-Omics Approach to Design Next Generation Alternative Crops

2:35-3:10 PM
(10 min Q & A)

Ruthie Angelovici 
Division of Biological Sciences,
University of Missouri

Unlocking Seed Amino Acid Regulation and
Homeostasis Using Multi-Omic Integration Approaches


Application process for first year students interested in the program
May through July of each year

Annual Plant Biotechnology for Health and Sustainability Symposium
Dates to be determined October or November each year

Meetings of students with Executive Committee Members
Semiannually Fall and Spring Semester