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2022 Symposium

FRIDAY, May 13

All activities will be held in the Ballroom at MSU Union - unless specified

Session I:  Microbial communities / plant microbe interactions

Moderators: Mackenzie Jacobs & Rees Rillema

Start Speaker Topic
9:00 Welcome - Eric Hegg
Associate Dean, CNS
Welcome Remarks
9:05 Asaph Aharoni
Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel

Yin and Yang in the rhizosphere: Interplay between root exudation and microbiome forces in the tomato underground world

9:45 Danny Ducat
A flexible co-culture platform for light-driven bioproduction using sugar-secreting cyanobacteria and model microbes         
10:15 Coffee Break 

Session II: Gene regulation and Signaling

Moderators: Danielle Young & Kenia Segura Abá

Start Speaker Topic
10:30 Clint Chapple
Purdue University
Phenylpropanoids as potential regulators of plant growth            
11:10 Terri Long
North Carolina State University
Iron regulatory mechanisms at the intersection of plant development and stress response 
11:50 Ron Cook (STUDENT, RESEARCH)
The elusive roles of chloroplast lipid phosphate phosphatases
12:05 Shin-Han Shiu
Deciphering the genetic basis of plant traits through integrating multi-omics data
12:35 Lunch 

Session III:  Plant insect interactions

Moderators: Hannah Parks & Bianca Serda

Start Speaker Topic
1:15 Gregg Howe - Keynote
Conflict between growth and defense: Lessons from the jasmonate response pathway
2:05 Georg Jander
Boyce Thompson Institute, Cornell
The Perks of Being a Wallflower: Glucosinolates and Cardiac Glycosides                 
2:45 Leah Johnson (STUDENT, RESEARCH)
Genetic dissection of JAZ function in plant immunity and metabolism
3:00 Coffee Break 

Session IV:  Metabolomics and Synthetic biology

Moderators: Paul Fiesel & Nick Schlecht

Start Speaker Topic
3:15 Rebecca Roston
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Membranes sensing, cycling, and adapting to severe low temperatures
3:55 Danielle Young (STUDENT, RESEARCH)
Characterizing Lipid Dynamics in a Model Microalga using Isotopic Labeling
4:10 Bjoern Hamberger
From dynamically evolving pathways in the mints to new chemical spaces: The power of promiscuity
4:40 Garret Miller (STUDENT, RESEARCH)
The Biosynthetic Pathway Towards Diterpenoid Alkaloids in the Ranunculaceae
4:55 Erich Grotewold
Unveiling the secret life of specialized metabolites
5:25 Rob Last Closing remarks

5:35 Poster Session, Ballroom, MSU Union

6:55 Dinner, Ballroom, MSU Union

Application process for first year students interested in the program
May through July of each year

Annual Plant Biotechnology for Health and Sustainability Symposium
Dates to be determined October or November each year

Meetings of students with Executive Committee Members
Semiannually Fall and Spring Semester