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2016 Agenda

The 2016 Symposium is scheduled for October 21-22, 2016.


BEACON Seminar - Microbiome Selection Workshop, Ulrich Mueller, Department of Plant Biology, University of Texas at Austin. A practical introduction on how to impose artificial selection on the microbiome to enhance properties that benefit the host, followed by discussion and Q&A. (Biomedical Physical Science 1455A) Register here!
Center for Food Integrity supported by Michigan Soybean: GMO Communications Workshop (Biochemistry 208)
Ulrich Mueller, Department of Plant Biology, University of Texas at Austin, "Artificial Selection on Beneficial Microbiomes of Animals and Plants: Principles of Microbiome Inheritance, Microbiome Heritability, and Differential Host-Microbiome Co-Propagation" (Eppley 118)


Session I
 Careers in Communication/Outreach and Biotechnology
Room 1415 Biomedical Physical Science Building - Facilitated by Alshae Logan, MMG Trainee
(Due to room capacity, the morning session is limited to confirmed registered participants only).

8:30 Welcome, Maren Friesen, Department of Plant Biology, MSU
8:35 Sheril Kirshenbaum, Director, The Energy Poll, The University of Texas at Austin. “There and Back Again: From the Bench to the Hill and other Adventures in Science.”
9:10 Ailing Zhou, Research Scientist, Syngenta Crops Protection, LLC. “From University to Industry: Navigating the Agricultural Biotechnology Workplace.”
9:45 Break
10:00 Colleen Friel, Plant Biology Graduate Program, MSU, "Student Internship Talk"
10:10 Randal Olson, Senior Data Scientist, Institute for Biomecical Informatics, University of Pennsylvania, "Lessons Learned from my Experience with Science Outreach on the Web"
11:00 End of Session I

Session II
(Two Options Available)
11:10am - 12:30pm

  Option A — Careers in Biotechnology Panel
  Room 168 Plant Biology Building - Facilitated by Bryan Leong, BMB Trainee & Emily Wrenbeck, CHEMS Trainee
11:15 Geoff Horst, Algal Scientific.
11:20 Ailing Zhou, Syngenta Crop Protection LLC.
11:25 Ryan Philippe, ManusBio.
11:30 Doug Allen, Donald Danforth Plant Sciences Center.
11:35 Panel Discussion
12:30 End of Session II
  Option B — Science Outreach in Developing Countries
  Room 1425 Biomedical Physical Science Building - Facilitated by Jamie Monson and Anastasiya Lavell, BMB Trainee
11:15 Introduction by Jamie Monson, Director, MSU African Studies.
11:25 Karim Maredia, Program Director, World Technology Access Program
11:45 Charles Steinfeld, Information and Communications Technology for Development Lead, Global Center for Food Systems Innovation.
12:05 Alexia Witcombe and Prisca Egoboluche, Department of Plant, Soil, and Microbial Sciences, MSU
12:25 Concluding Remarks by Jamie Monson
12:30 End of Session II

Room 1200 Molecular Plant Science Building

Session Chair: Alyssa Preiser, BMB Graduate Student, MSU

1:40 Welcome, Dave DeWitt, College of Natural Science Associate Dean, MSU
1:45 Anastasiya Lavell, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Graduate Program, MSU, "The Role of Proteolysis in Monogalactosyldiacylglycerol (MGDG) Biosynthesis."
2:00 Doug Allen, Donald Danforth Plant Sciences Center. “Using Isotopic Labeling and Flux Analysis to Understand Plant Metabolism.”
2:35 Robin Buell, Department of Plant Biology, MSU. “Outcomes from the National Academie of Science Report on Genetically Engineered Crops: Experiences and Prospects.”
2:55 John Ohlrogge, Department of Plant Biology, MSU. “From Gene Discovery to Field Production of a Special Plant Oil with Lower Viscosity, Freezing Temperature and Calories.”
3:15 Coffee Break

Session Chair: Adam Seroka, PLB Graduate Student, MSU

3:35 Teresa Clark, Plant Biology Graduate Program, MSU. “Empirical Testing of Nutrient-Exchange Models in Legume-Rhizobia System.”
3:50 Maren Friesen, Department of Plant Biology, MSU. “A Tangled (Root) Bank: Interplay Between Plant-Plant Interactions, Plant-Microbe, and Microbe-Microbe Interactions.”
4:10 Ashley Shade, Department of Molecular and Microbial Genetics, MSU. “Plant-Microbiome Interactions and Synthetic Microbial Communities in Biotechnology.”


4:30 Bryan Leong, Plant Biology Graduate Program, MSU, "Student Summer Internship at Synthetic Genomics"
4:40 Poster Session and Mixer, Atrium, Molecular Plant Sciences Building
6:00 Dinner, MSU Gardens Conservatory

Room 1200 Molecular Plant Science Building

8:00 Continental Breakfast, Atrium, Molecular Plant Sciences Building

Session Chair: Angelica Medina-Cucurella, CHEMS Graduate Student, MSU

8:55 Welcome, Bjoern Hamberger, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, MSU
9:00 Emily Wrenbeck, Chemical Engineering Graduate Program, MSU, "Comprehensive Sequence-Function Mapping of Proteins: New Methods and Applications"
9:15 Sean Cutler, Department of Plant Cell Biology and Chemistry, UC Riverside. “ABA Receptors and Plant Drought Tolerance.”
9:50 Brian Pfleger, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Wisconsin. “Constructing Synthetic Biology Toolboxes for Non-Model Organisms.”
10:25 Ryan Philippe, Director, Research and Development, ManusBio. “Engineering a Plant Biosynthetic Pathway for Sustainable Production of a Natural Sweetener.”
11:00 Coffee Break

Session Chair: Shawna Rowe, PLB Graduate Student, MSU

11:20 Philip Poole, Department of Plant Sciences, University of Oxford-UK. “Microbial Colonisation of the Rhizosphere.”
11:55 Ulrich Mueller, Department of Integrative Biology, University of Texas at Austin. “Optimization of Artificial Selection on Rhizosphere Microbiomes of Plants; Applications for Greenhouse and Subsistence Farming.”
12:30 Closing Comments, Tim Whitehead, College of Engineering, MSU

Application process for first year students interested in the program
May through July of each year

Annual Plant Biotechnology for Health and Sustainability Symposium
Dates to be determined October or November each year

Meetings of students with Executive Committee Members
Semiannually Fall and Spring Semester