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Fifth PBHS Class Joins the Program

The fifth class of fellows joined the PBHS program during the summer of 2018. The Executive Committee welcomes NIH NIGMS-funded fellows Paul Fiesel (Last Lab, BMB), Leah Johnson (Howe Lab, CMB), Reid Longley (Bonito Lab, MMG) and Jeremy Pardo (VanBuren Lab, PLB). We also welcome MSU funded fellows Levi Bauer (Barry Lab, Genetics), Jake Bibik (Hamberger Lab, CMB), Ron Cook (Benning Lab, BMB/MPS), Davis Mathieu (Hamberger Lab, Genetics) and Garret Miller (Hamberger Lab, BMB). This fifth group brings the total number of participants to 32 in five years. The program is grateful to NIH and MSU for their sustained support of the program.