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First students join the program

An inaugural class of eight students joined the program during summer of 2014. The Executive Committee selected Bryan Leong (BMB) and Tomomi Takeuchi (BMB) as NIH T32-funded fellows and Emily Detwiler (CHEMS) and Colleen Friel (PLB) as MSU-funded fellows. Congratulations to our new trainees!


Student Name Graduate Program Major Professor
Teresa Clark Plant Biology Yair Shachar-Hill
Siobhan Cusack Cell and Molecular Biology Sheng-Tang He
Emily Detwiler Chemical Engineering and Material Science Tim Whitehead
Colleen Friel Plant Biology Maren Friesen
Alexandra Lantz Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Thomas Sharkey
Bryan Leong Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Rob Last
Jessica Schein Cell and Molecular Biology Brad Day
Tomomi Takeuchi Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Christoph Benning