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Plant Biotechnology for Health and Sustainability Graduate Training Program

The PBHS program provides new training and career opportunities for predoctoral candidates who are pursuing research related to plant biotechnology at MSU. The program aims to create common set of core coursework and training experiences for graduate students pursuing research related to plant biotechnology. The PBHS mission includes the goal of integrating the many different plant-related graduate programs and research expertise across different MSU units. Students in the program are trained in critical thinking and analysis of the primary literature across a broad range of topics so that they can build upon the best current thinking in their research. An understanding and appreciation of multi-disciplinary plant research will enable students to effectively collaborate with scientists across diverse backgrounds in biological, computational, engineering and physical sciences. Finally, PBHS students are provided resources to consider the ethical and legal consequences of their actions during their dissertation research projects and their future career positions.


Overall, PBHS seeks to foster the education, research training, and professional development of the next generation of interdisciplinary scientists who will assume leadership positions in biotechnology-related careers across industry, government, academia, and entrepreneurship. 

The MSU PBHS Program encourages participation by students, faculty and staff from underrepresented minority groups and individuals with disabilities