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2019 Symposium

FRIDAY, November 1

Morning - MSU Union Lake Huron Room

Session I - Medicinal applications

Chair: Emily Lanier

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David DeWitt
Sr. Associate Dean

Welcome Remarks
9:05 Jason Slot
The Ohio State University
Leveraging fungal evolution for discovery of neuroactive compound metabolic pathways
9:40 Vincenzo DeLuca
Brock University
Elucidation of natural product biosynthesis in plants
10:15 Coffee Break (Lake Erie Room)

Session II -  Plant nutrition

 Chair: Jeremy Pardo

Start Speaker Topic
10:45 Mary Ann Lila
North Carolina State University
If food is our medicine, then why aren't we all healthy?
11:20 Hideki Takahashi
Michigan State University
Nitrogen-responsive small signaling peptides modulate root system architecture
11:45 Mary Lou Guerinot
Micronutrient Dynamics: From the Soil to the Seed
12:20 Lunch (Lake Erie Room)
Afternoon - MSU Union Lake Huron Room

Session III -  Sustainability

Chair: Emily Jennings

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How to study nutrient exchange between plants and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
1:35 James Kremer
Microbiome Technology - Discovery and Development of Microbial Products and Crop Protection Traits
2:10 Jeremy Pardo (STUDENT, INTERNSHIP)
Internship: Inari Agriculture
2:25 Clay Carter
University of Minnesota
Nectar chemistry at the nexus of plant-biotic interactions
3:00 Coffee Break (Lake Erie Room)

Session IV - Plants and Security

Chair: Leah Johnson

Start Speaker Topic
3:30 June Medford
Colorado State University
Using Synthetic Biology to Produce New Plant Traits
4:05 Genevieve Hoopes (STUDENT, INTERNSHIP)
Internship: Simplot 
4:20 Adam Seroka (STUDENT, RESEARCH)
Turning up the heat on plant immunity in Arabidopsis
4:35 Blake Bextine
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)
Leveraging Biology for National Security
5:10 Alan McClain (STUDENT)
Michigan State University
Closing Remarks
5:30-6:50 Poster Sessions I & II, Lake Erie Room, MSU Union
6:50 Dinner, Ballroom, MSU Union


SATURDAY, November 2

1200 Molecular Plant Sciences

Careers in Biotechnology-Related Fields

Chair: Genevieve Hoopes

Start Speaker  
9:00 Genevieve Hoopes Welcome Remarks
9:05 Rob Horsch
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
There and back again: being with the question
9:40 Panel I 
Chair: Levi Bauer
James Kremer
Cait Thireault  
Christy Gault
10:15 Kerry Rouhier
Kenyon College
Academic careers at primarily undergraduate institutions
10:50 Coffee break (MPS 1200)
11:05 Panel II
Chair: Shawna Rowe

June Medford
Rob Horsch
Vincenzo DeLuca

11:40 Christy Gault
Inari Agriculture
Reflections on my move from academia to a startup

Rob Last
Michigan State University

Closing Remarks