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The MSU campus provides accessibility services to students and staff through the Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities (RCPD).The team of professionals at the RCPD is ready to assist students, employees, and visitors with resources that create an environment of opportunity.  PBHS program concurs with RCPD’s mission and philosophy:

“We believe disability mandates a greater level of creativity, commitment and a repertoire of compensatory techniques, but reject the idea that it precludes the achievement of goals and dreams.We believe that persons with disabilities at MSU are as much in control of their educational/work experience as a person without a disability.”

Students with disabilities with interest in the PBHS Program are encouraged to contact the Program Director, Dr. Robert Last, or Associate Director, Dr. Danny Ducat directly. They will collaborate with the trainee and members of the RCPD to identify campus resources and work to create an accessible work environment.


  • Transportation: The Capital Area Transit Authority (CATA) offers transportation services for Michigan State University's campus, and the surrounding area. Your choice of the type of transportation service to use should be based on your specific needs.The details are here.
  • Accessible Parking Information details here.
  • Awareness & Explorations in Ability Resources here