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2022 PBHS symposium on May 12-13

2022 PBHS Annual Symposium - May 12-13

For the symposium, our list of confirmed speakers are below. We will also have graduate student talks and a poster session. 

Research Themes
Microbial communities /
plant-microbe interactions
Asaph Aharoni
Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel
Danny Ducat, MSU
Gene regulation and Signaling
Clint Chapple
Purdue University
Terri Long 
North Carolina State University
Shinhan Shiu, MSU
Plant insects interaction
Keynote by Gregg Howe, MSU
Georg Jander
Boyce Thompson Institute, Cornell
Metabolomics and Synthetic biology 
Rebecca Roston
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Bjoern Hamburger, MSU
Erich Grotewold, MSU