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Descriptions of the two required courses are listed below along with the courses that fulfill the quantitative requirements and updates can be found on the BMB course website.
If you are not a declared Biochemistry graduate student, you will need to submit the online override request form (MSU NetID and password required) and then contact the instructors for permission to enroll.

1. BMB 864 Plant Biochemistry

Semester(s) offered: Alternating spring semesters on even years

Credits: 3

Completion of BMB864 is a new requirement of the program which runs alternating spring semesters on even years, and the course has been revised to encompass themes relevant to the PBHS program, including biotechnology applications of plant and microbial biochemistry and synthetic biology.

2. BMB 960-Sect 301 - Plant Biotechnology Research Forum
Semester(s) offered: First 8-10 weeks of the semester.
Credits: 1
Enrollment will be limited to 15 students.

IMPORTANT: Attendance of the Annual Symposium will be a required portion of the course.

Description: This is an advanced seminar focusing on reading of the literature and student presentations on topics related to plant biotechnology. Topic areas in general address modern problems in human health and environmental sustainability. The course is part of the training program in plant biotechnology 'Plants for Health and Sustainability' (https://plantmetabolism.natsci.msu.edu/), though students not participating in the training program are also very welcome to take the course.

Quantitative training requirement:
Participants are also expected to complete a minimum of one full semester equivalent course (three credits) to satisfy this requirement of statistical/quantitative analysis or computational biology. The following list is a selection of courses that fulfill this requirement.

Pending approval from the Program Director you could enroll in any of the CMSE Bioinformatics modular courses which might be relevant to your research described here and here.