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2012 Agenda

Symposium on “Plant Biotechnology for Health and Sustainability”
Michigan State University
Molecular Plant Sciences Building, Room 1200
October 5-6, 2012
Friday Afternoon, October 5
12:50       Welcome – Dave DeWitt, Associate Dean, College of Natural Science
Session Chair – Christoph Benning
1:00         Toni Kutchan, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
                          A Transcriptomic/Metabolomic Approach to Biochemical Pathways in Non-model Systems
1:40         Sarah O’Connor, John Innes Centre
                          Understanding and Engineering Alkaloid Biosynthesis
2: 20        Rob Last, Michigan State University
                          The Solanum Trichome Project: Metabolic Pathway Discovery and Fingerprints of Evolution
3:00         Break
Session Chair – Gregg Howe
3:30         Harry Klee, University of Florida
                          The Chemistry and Genetics of Tomato Flavor
4:10         Dean DellaPenna, Michigan State University
                          Integrating Genomics and Quantitative Genetics to Understand Vitamin Biosynthesis and Accumulation in Plants
4:50         Toni Voelker, Calgene Campus, Monsanto
                          Re-design of Soybean Oil Composition through Genetic Engineering
5:30         Reception and Poster Presentations in MPS Atrium
Saturday Morning, October 6
Session Chair – Tim Whitehead
8:00         Breakfast, Molecular Plant Science Atrium
9:00         Joe Chappell, University of Kentucky
                          Elucidation of Novel Triterpene Pathways in Botryococcus and Engineering Plants for High-value Oil Production
9:40         Christoph Benning, Michigan State University
                          Engineering of Microalgal Lipid Metabolism for Biofuels Feedstocks
10:20       Break
10:50       Gregg Howe, Michigan State University
                          Metabolic Regulation in Plant Defense
11:30       Vince Martin, Concordia University of Montreal
                          Drugs from Bugs: Large Scale Sequencing of Plant Transcriptomes and the Reconstitution of Natural Product Biosynthetic Pathways in Yeast
12:10       End of session