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2017 Agenda

THURSDAY, October 26

Morning - MSU Union Lake Huron Room

Session One - Michaela TerAvest, Chair

Start Speaker Topic

Douglas Gage
Asst. VP for Research and Grad. Studies, MSU

9:05 Tomomi Takeuchi
Control of Quiescence and Cell Division by Compromised Hydrolysis of TAG 7 (CHT7) Protein in Chlamydonas reinhardtii.
9:20 Woncheol Kim
Metabolic Engineering and Synthetic Biology
9:55 Caroline Ajo-Franklin
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Creating Electronically-Controlled Microorganisms with Synthetic Biology
10:30 Cecilia Martinez-Gomez
Unraveling plant-microbe interactions dependent on rare earth elements
10:50   Coffee Break

Session Two - Anastasiya Lavell, Chair

Start Speaker Topic
11:10 Bryan Leong
Evolutionary innovations enhance metabolic diversity: acylglucose biosynthesis in Solanum pennellii trichomes
11:25 Sue Rhee
Carnegie Institution
Organization, function and evolution of plant metabolism
12:00 Malia Gehan
Danforth Center
Quantifying Variation of Crop Resilience Under Temperature and Drought Stress
12:35   Lunch


Afternoon - MSU Union Lake Huron Room

Session Three - Bryan Leong, Chair

Start Speaker Topic
1:15 Lynn J. Rothschild
NASA, Ames Research Center
On beyond Star Trek: Synthetic biology and the future of space exploration
2:05 Imad Ajjawi
Synthetic Genomics
Boosting lipid productivity of the oleaginous microalga Nannochloropsis gaditana via genome engineering
2:40 Brian St. Aubin
Internship: 3Bar Biologics, Microbiome delivery
2:55 Weiqing Zeng
Abiotic Agronomic Trait Development - Market, Science, and Technology
3:30   Coffee Break

Session Four - Rob Last, Chair

Start Speaker Topic
3:45 Colleen Friel
Resource exchange in the legume-rhizobia symbiosis
4:00 Greg Bonito
Michigan State University
Evolution and functioning of intracellular bacteria in plant-associated fungi
4:20 Dan Lybrand
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Internship: Synthetic Genomics, Inc.
4:35 MSU iGEM Program
Michigan State University
Cyanobacterial Synthetic Biology and Education/Outreach
4:50 Rob Last
Michigan State University
Session Wrap up and Directions to Poster Session and Dinner

5:30 Poster Session, MPS Atrium

7:00 Dinner, Horticultural Greenhouse


FRIDAY, October 27

Careers in Biotechnology-Related Fields, 1425 BPS

Tomomi Takeuchi, Chair

Start Speaker Topic
9:00 Marianela Rodriguez
Bioscience Research at BASF
9:45 Phil Taylor
Monsanto Corporation
My Career Journey
10:40 Panelists

Careers in Industry (10:40-11:25)

Careers in Government, Research Institutes and Universities (11:25-12:10)